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Cross-Cities is a project of Associazione Culturale Blu’S, whose main aim is to aggregate artistic experiences capable of involving, drawing, creating languages and spaces where artists, through their expressive capacity, rediscover common sense of sharing of experiences.   

Blu’S is a dynamic artistic reality, operating since twenty four years on a wide territory able to range in the diversity of languages and to propose itself as an aggregative tool and open expressive place. 

Blu’S is a human and therefore cultural experience that was born in Sant’ Agata De’ Goti. From this ancient and very rich territory, it opens up to the world, becoming a common home and an ideal container for every form of experimentation and proposal, a place of meeting and exchange.

Blu’S is a state of mind, a purposeful medium, a point of restart and resistance because it is starting from the arts that one can imagine a possible future.

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