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Città Incrociate \ Cross-Cities

Cross-Cities was inaugurated in the summer of 2019 in Sant’Agata de’ Goti.

The focus, the characterizing spirit of the initiative was self-management, with no desire for institutional participation or sponsors. With this call to action we addressed anyone – be they artist, association, group, collective – who was interested in endorsing a project that would permit the analysis of theories and approaches of contemporary cultural activism, by contributing their personal artistic work of art.

From August 9-11, women and men were invited to meet and Città Incrociate\Cross-Cities was founded, a temporary location dedicated to community, art, independence and the resurrection of self. In this melting pot of ideas, anyone interested in supporting art and imagination were welcome. This initiative saw the birth of la Compagnia di Resistenza Artistica (CREA) (Company of Artistic Resistance), a spontaneous artistic movement of free thinkers with the need to establish an initial réunion of artists, creative talent and people of culture around the theme of resistance, in the name of social equality, human rights and respect for Nature; values that are strongly tied to art, and opposed to the sprawling, reiterated socio-economic, creative stream model.

The invitation was extended to activists, artists, film-makers, poets, producers, curators, philosophers, educators, writers and thinkers who work in all realms of art, including new media technologies. We met to offer projects, visions, performances, installations, multimodal experiences, plural and diversified contributions.

The event was hosted in the historic cellars of the Mustilli winery, in the charming medieval town of Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Benevento Italy [instagram]

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Blucode Studio
Blucode Studio
Siamo attivi dal 1994 nelle aree della comunicazione audiovisiva e dei sistemi multimediali. Da Chroma interactions, oggi in Blucode, vogliamo rappresentare un punto di riferimento nel settore della realizzazione di eventi e nella regia del flusso delle attività creative.

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